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FOX News
Oct 31, 2012 8:00pm EDT
times" poll out today shows president obama doing very well in florida, ohio, virginia. dick morris going to have thoughts on that later. but, do you take that poll seriously? >> no, i don't take those three polls seriously. here is why. in florida, they have obama ahead by 1 point. they have seven points more democrats than republicans. even in 2008 there were only 3 points more democrats than republicans. similarly ohio 5 point margin for obama. 8 point advantage for the democrats. 8 points in 2008. does anybody think ohio is going to be as democrat as it was in 2008. 2 points for obama. 8 point democrat in 2008. six points democrat. does anybody think it's going to be as good as it was in 2008. at mildly that's called absurd. >> bill: let me run it down for the folks. all the polls say, all of them say that prib voters are more motivated this time around. so when when mr. rove says do you think it's going to be the same democratic turnout in ohio as it was in 2008. the answer based on the data is no. because republicans are more motivated this time around than they were. secondly
Oct 27, 2012 2:00pm PDT
for the obama campaign. we know, we have been through it before, every vote counts, florida, 5,230, every vote counts, this state couldn't be tighter, 48-48. >> i had a couple of days, i went and voted. i got that out of the way. it was packed, i was surprised. thank you, john avalon, see you soon. >>> all right, coming up, three teens in two separate cases arrested for murder. and in both cases they were turned into the police by their mom. >>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, talk about determination, actor -- two and a half year campaign, a seattle man finally convinces '80s rocker, billy idol, to play his birthday party. we'll talk to him in just a moment. >>> why don't we like being scared? i'm going to say you, i don't like to be scared. those shows get high ratings, like walking dead. all that. and people make big money to get scared at haunted houses. like these people, these are pictures from nightmares, fear factor, in niagra falls, canada. why do we like this? when you see those pictures, i don't know if you can see this. it looks ridiculous. >> i have some of those of me on roller coasters. >>
Oct 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
obama campaigns in florida tomorrow. italy's former prime minister says he may jump back into politics despite his conviction for tax evasion. he says he wants to reform the justice syte
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2012 7:00pm EDT
voting numbers suggestion that president obama may be in trouble in florida. at this point, in 2008, democrats held a more than 134,000 vote lead in florida. as of yesterday, democrats led by fewer than 21,000. and 70 percent drop off. obama campaign does not dispute the numbers. well, i'm joined by artur davis, national co-chair of president obama's 2008 presidential campaign, a former democratic congressman from the great state of alabama. he has since charged his party affiliation. and also with us former rnc spokesperson. jerry jacoby. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's start, how much troutrouble is this. >> democrats put a lot of stock in early voting, in getting their base out to vote early, they ran up a huge margin over john mccain 4 years ago, because of early voting, one of the reason that democrats are so panicked renew, one reason they are trying to spend every possible tea leaf and discredit every national poll they could looking at hard -- they are looking at hard numbers from data poll numbers could one state they are not behind early vote numbers is colorado. problem is
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 9:00pm PDT
polling in florida in the i-4 corridor confirms. the obama campaign knows florida is moving away from them. >> sean: so they'll leave. >> they know they can win the election without it. they're sober-minded. >> sean: so they send bill clinton to minnesota and biden to pennsylvania? >> sean, i've been saying the states not poisoned with all the money are in play. pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota. >> sean: now comes the poison. >> this is a tied election, sean, as we sit here tonight. bottom line, unless romney gets back on the offensive, makes the case for his election, he will not be president. all right. he did the right thing today, but you know what? unless he's on the offensive by the end of the day tomorrow, certainly thursday, he's in trouble. >> sean: i think governor christie should invite governor romney
FOX News
Oct 31, 2012 12:00am PDT
there by a significant margin. >> my own polling in florida in the i-4 corridor confirms. the obama campaign knows florida is moving away from them. >> sean: so they'll leave. >> they know they can win the election without it. they're sober-minded. >> sean: so they send bill clinton to minnesota and biden to pennsylvania? >> sean, i've been saying the states not poisoned with all the money are in play. pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota. >> sean: now comes the poison. >> this is a tied election, sean, as we sit here tonight. bottom line, unless romney gets back on the offensive, makes the case for his election, he will not be president. all right. he did the right thing today, but you know what? unless he's on the offensive by the end of the day tomorrow, certainly thursday, he's in trouble. >> sean: i think governor christie should invite governor romney
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
en florida para encabezar la respuesta federal a sandy. presidente obama debido a la naturaleza de la tormenta, estamos seguros de que sera 1 proceso lento a traves de 1 amplia zona del pais y millones de personas seran afectadas, por lo que el mensaje mas importante al publico es por favor escuchen lo que las autoridades estatales y locales estan diciendo." el presidente agrego que fema tiene posicionado personal, agua y alimentos en los estados afectados, y que publico debe entender que podrian ser varios dias en que la energia electrica y el transporte vuelvan a la normalidad. en washington, se tomo la inusual medida de clausurar totalmente el tren subterraneo y buses el lunes, afectando a los que fueron a trabajar. ricardo ramirez, usuario del metro si, porque normalmente uso el metro. la verdad aproveche 1 ride que venia a dejar alguien a su esposa. la totalidad del gobierno federal cerro sus puertas, como tambien muchos de los museos y monumentos federales de la capital. residentes hacian compras de ultimo momento, esperanzados que no pase mucho. maria lopez, residente de washin
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am EDT
, they switched. the fact is, the paper in florida did the same thing, pro-obama, it switched. in ohio, we clearly have gained ground. i think across the country, we have. the washington post poll, i doubt that virginia wiobama wil virginia. don't know if it's the economy or the benghazi. if the president is telling the truth and he instructed his assistants to get aid to benghazi, we're being told that the secretary of defense canceled that. you notice that he's cancelling his trips over the hurricane. he didn't cancel his trips over benghazi and you have to wonder, between benghazi, the price of gasoline and unemployment just how much the burden the president is going to carry into this last week. >> he does have a burden. at the same time, he's built up a lead in some of these battle ground states. it raised the prospect of governor romney winning the popular vote . >> i don't know what he means by we won't accept it. we're a nation of law, we'll obey the law. i think romney will win 53% 47%. very unlikely that he can win popular vote and not carry the electoral vote. carville has a rule, incum
Oct 29, 2012 5:00am EDT
.president obama scrapped planssto hold thrre former preeident bill clinton...insteaa....he'll &ponly attend a morniig rally i florida... then head back to the d-c to monitor sandy. republican candiddte mitt caacellations could be on the way. the new york stock exchange is closed as aaresuut of building has to shut down newwyork city. tte asdaq has also announceddit will halt trading odayy sandy has also dimmed the lights on broadway.the leaaue of american theaters and producerssdecided yesterday to through toniggt... as neewyork braces forrthe hurriccne. officials allo ssid that they oo theater employees and pattons... since all public transportationnhas been shut down. 3 3 3 3 33 3 33 3 tracking the big storm. 3&phurricane sandy is bearinn ddwn on our area. areaamegan gilliland is live in fells point... where they're bracinggfor flooding... and joel d. smith is livv at the b-g-e staging
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
but in the obama campaign mind, they are awarding him florida and virginia one stop each. at the end of the day colorado seems to be there but let's give romney virginia. let's give romney new hampshire. i think our poll shows that all of the -- >> romney has been there twice. >> let's look at this map here. let's say you did it that way and the president is spending a majority of time in these states. they continue to feel best about ohio. that means that they need either wisconsin on their own, colorado on their own, and iowa suddenly becomes a luxury and they could lose that. >> don't you think colorado looks a little better for romney than iowa? >> i would think it's better for romney which means the firewall at the end of the day, there's your firewall. it's ohio and wisconsin. >> when we started this election i feel like we were talking about the rough spell, iowa, wisconsin -- >> how about for romney? >> florida, getting florida, virginia, new hampshire, iowa. >> there will be major indiscriminations from folks in wisconsin who will say governor romney, you were here on august 12th and n
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
closer than it is right now in florida. a poll taken this week shows president obama edging out mitt romney 49% to 47%. that is within the sampling error. florida, of course, has a coveted 29 electoral votes. more than 3.4 million ballots already have been cast. that is more than a third of the total turnout that's actually expected. but early votings has been pretty controversial long lines and calls for an extension of the early voting period. doesn't look like that's going to happen. john zarrella is just north of miami. you voted yesterday before the last day. how did it go? >> reporter: yeah, and i probably should have voted a few days earlier than that as well. it was about two hours and ten minutes from just about where i'm standing now to the point where i was in and out and done voting. but public service announcement out there, for anybody in broward county who was planning to come here today, you might want to think about coming now, because the line is actually down, if you can imagine, from where it was a little while ago. it's probably still a three and a half hour wait
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in florida. david axelrod still seems confident of a obama win leaving romney to place to go. in my view we have got the lead and the ball. the question is how does he change that now. maybe so, but the job numbers that come out the friday before the election still have the potential to change the dynamics in this very tight race. for administer on this speech the every tightens polls i'm joined by christia freeland digital editor at thomson reuters and author of "plutocrats." and by robert scheer editor at truth and author of "the great american stick up up:show reagan republicans and clinton democrats enriched wall street while mugging main street street." rapid plus expeditious equals major. >> romney seems to be pivoting so far that he's presenting himself as obama 2008. that's what we heard in the foreign policy debate. and what was striking for me today is how often he referred to positively to the obama of 2008, and how he tried to sort of seize the mantle that obama claimed in 2008. he used the word "change" so many times. that wasn't an accident. he talked talked about how
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
president obama rally taking place in lakewood florida. presidential--president clinton speaking. >> in other words obamas policies have produced twice as many jobs in 33 months has the trickle-down package for high-income people. policies of the bush administration and the republicans for the last 30 years produced in the seven years before the crash. obama policies are working. and they are working in two weeks. first of all the put a floor of the depression we're coming back. he has got a better plan for the future that is more important. he says to build a modern economy the government and the private sector have to work together. you have to invest. >> president clinton making his case for four more years for president obama with the election four days away. the race is close and florida and it is coming down to florida and ohio to the size of state for mitt romney path to the lead toward a college for the delicate that he needs to be elected president. heavy campaigning over the next four days expected especially in florida and ohio. we will bring more of information from b
Oct 30, 2012 4:30am PDT
in wisconsin last night and made his staff available for storm relief. president obama cancelled campaign events in florida and virginia so he could return to washington to manage federal storm relief. traditional campaigning taking a backseat to the storm analysts say it is important for each candidate to look presidential during this disaster. we continue to track sandy as damage mounts. at 5 a.m., we take to you ocean city maryland for a live report. >>> in san francisco today barricades have started going up police and firefighters stakeout their positions for tomorrow's parade honoring the world series champion giants. doesn't that sound good? amy hollyfield is live at civic center plaza, that is going to be the finish line for the parade. >> reporter: it sounds great. i love. look behind me the stage is set this is where the world series champions will greet fans this is in civic center plaza this is facing the library. look how empty it is now. imagine what it is going to look like tomorrow. the team arrived home at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. adoring fans were there for them at at&t
Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm EDT
on friday. obama canceled his campaign in florida. he opted to return to the white he isthis morning where conditions andm is prepping for an appearance tomorrow in green bay. he and president clinton will attend the events together. mayor ron is going forward with the events in ohio and iowa today -- mr. romney is going the events in ohio iowa today. they are collecting supplies for in virginia and a being used for efforts. on the hurricane that there is other news we need to update you on. an investigation in falls church found in ay was burned home at 4:00 a.m.. the flames were so intense that -- that a nearby home was also damaged. coming up next, we'll continue coverage of hurricane sandy. wwill check in with their crews on the roads and beaches and jacqui jeras will have the on the storm track. at 395.a look on the storm track. at [ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. si looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, ince
Nov 2, 2012 12:00am PDT
. >> woodruff: but the romney campaign also beganiring a spanish-language ad in florida tying obama to latin american dictators g go chavez and fidelv castro. >> we are america's women. >> woodruff: and american future fund, a super pac supporting romney is running ads targeting women in michigan and pennsylvania, states considered safely democratic. as you can see on the "newshour's" vote 2012 map center" there are seven states currently considered by the associated press to be true toss ups: nevada, colorado, iowa, ohio, virginia, florida and new hampshe. it shows each candidate's quickest potential path to 270 electoral votes. including one scenario gimpng president obama a path too victory, winning nevada and ohio, to get to 277 electoral votes. for mitt romney the path could also lead through ohio, and blanketing the south, to get to 281 in a different scenario. and there are also several potentials for a tie. this one shows the president losing nevada but winning ohio, to get to 269 for both candidates. and late today, the "newshour" got word that romney will make a last-minute stop in
Oct 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
with us. if you look at some of the classrooms in florida, that number president obama said, 537, there are classrooms at the university of florida larger than that. thinking a single class at the university of florida going out to vote can make the difference who is going to lead in our country for the next four years. we are pretty much working every single day to make sure we can get and talk to every single student to encourage them to get out to vote early. >> katie, these final days of the campaign, president obama making several stops. you saw mtv there, these stops geared toward young audiences. in addition, mtv, "the tonight show" earlier this week, "the daily show" last week. governor romney hasn't appeared on late night tv since march. he's not doing cool interviews with jon stewart and any other folks you kids enjoy so much. why not? what do you think gives there? >> i think that he is trying to reach the young voters in other ways. just yesterday his wife anne stopped in gainesville. i got to meet with her. he's letting his message sink in other ways. he is focusing
Oct 27, 2012 5:30pm PDT
levinson shows us mitt romney held a rally in the biggest battleground state florida, which begins early voting today. president obama was in another swing state, new hampshire. >> reporter: mitt romney traveled to florida, the biggest battlegrounds state to lock down its 29 electoral votes. >> i need your help, we need to win this. we're taking back america. >> reporter: early voting started in the state saturday. and the romney campaign is pushing supporters to cast their ballots now. with polls showing a tight race, romney hopes to keep his momentum going to election day. >> the supporters of the president have this chance, they do four more years, i like ten more days a lot better you know what? [ laughter ] >> reporter: in new hampshire, president barack obama once again heard the four more years. [ people chanting ] and he too talked about ten more days. >> ten days and you'll be stepping into a voting booth, and making is defining choice about the future of our country. >> reporter: new hampshire is the smallest battleground state with just four electoral votes with the way the ra
Oct 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
the race stands. in florida, mitt romney leads president obama according to real clear politics average of polls, when you break it down, it's central florida where the president needs a boost. along the interstate 4 corridor where the state's races are off and decided, likely voters are siding with mitt romney, 51%-45%. >> over the past several years when i've been critical. republicans for being too extreme at least in their tone or temperament, i've always said elections are won in the suburbs of philadelphia and the i-4 corridor. most florida insiders now thinking that florida's firmly in mitt romney's camp. the i-4 corridor, a six-point gap. and mark halperin, that's a fairly significant gap for an area that bill clinton carried in '96 and that president obama carried. >> if that poll is accurate, romney will win florida for sure, if he's going to carry i-4 by that big a margin. most indications are that he's going to win the state. however, you have to point out, the obama campaign says they're competing in all the battleground states, and they are. the president's one event today
Oct 30, 2012 2:30pm PDT
for president obama. governor romney has got a lock in florida. that has not happened 100%. i think governor romney has more to look for the reagan romney again has to win virginia. it is possible to win the presidency if you do not win virginia, but it gets tough. those are states where there has been an assumption that governor romney will go with those states. he does not have them locked in just yet, and you start to talk about ohio, wisconsin, new hampshire, and nevada, they are very favorable for the president right now. it is tough for governor romney. he has got to have a global win. it cannot just be trying to figure out some mix of states to try to get to 270. there is a final push for the country decides they are ready to hire him and fire president obama. tavis: we talked earlier about this notion of being careful, how you walk this tightrope when you have a storm that is vexing so much of the country, but there are some issues in this storm the obama campaign could raise. i suspect they are smart not to raise it. when a candidate says, let's get rid of fema and send the money ba
Oct 31, 2012 2:00am PDT
trail. president obama still focused on the storm. today the campaign is back on. sort of. paul ryan has rallies in wisconsin, the vice president in florida, avoiding questions about fema. >> and i pleerappreciate your n generosity. >> president obama is not back on the campaign trail until tomorrow, he's still dealing with sandy's after math. >> i told the mayors and governors if it they're getting no for an answer somewhere in the federal government, they can call me personally at the white house. >> reporter: today the president visits new jersey where six days before the election, he got a pat on the back from republican rival governor chris christie. >> the president has been outstanding about this. i don't give a damn about election day. >> i don't think anybody thought much about that. >> reporter: the president is not scheduled to visit new york. >> we'd tlouf have him, but we have lots of things to do. i'm in the trying to diss him. >> reporter: after the election, we may see long lines again. early voting resumes again today in maryland and washington, d.c. with power still ou
Oct 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
on this race, i'm joined by the bbc north america editor in florida where president obama was supposed to be campaigning today and bridgette in cleveland, ohio, the state where governor romney was supposed to be stomping today. let's start with you in florida. i'm incredibly jealous. pouring with rain here in washington, d.c. it must feel a world away, both weather-wise and politically. >> yes, it does. we woke up here this morning thinking the president wag going to launch his campaign. we knew this was going to be a big moment with bill clinton rolling out the big guns, if you like, and that was all canceled rather suddenly just as we woke up. so it was really strange knowing he was flying back to cope with a crisis while the rally went on and the normal things you hear at these rallies, the political campaign was going on. and the storm was mentioned by bill clinton but really not heavily. only in passing. and i think people are obviously talking about it to a certain extent. it's not in the front of their minds. what it does politically, conventional campaigning has ceased. it take
Oct 30, 2012 12:00am PDT
a rally in orlando, florida. but hurricane sandy made other plans for him. president obama pulled candidate obama off the campaign trail today. pulling a no-show at his own orlando, florida, rally to race back to the white house to monitor the hurricane. >> this is going to be a big and powerful storm. >> reporter: in the wake of harsh criticism of the president flying to a rally in vegas the day after the benghazi libya diplomatic post was attacked, the president took no chances today. the white house released two photographs of the president being briefed on the hurricane and he came out to the briefing room to warn americans to heed their local and state officials and to underline what is truly important. >> i am not worried at this point about the impact on the election, i'm worried about the impact on families, i'm worried about the impact on first responders. the election will take care of itself next week. >> reporter: but there's no doubt the election is being impacted by the storm. both candidates planned to spend the final days of the election crisscrossing battleground
Nov 1, 2012 9:00pm PDT
, this evening, shows president obama with a 2 percentage point lead in florida. 48% to 46%. the sunshine state's 29 electoral votes key to mitt romney's hopes. in ohio, that same poll shows president obama also up only 2 but two percentage points. 47% to 45%. in wisconsin where the president started his post-hurricane campaign today an abc news "wall street journal" maris poll has him up 49 to 46%. but governor romney is leading in colorado which is another state president obama visited today. the lead there is just one point, 47% to 46%. that's according to reuters ipso. back with us our three political junkies extraordinaire. pollster david herman, joe garifoli. from all of the polls, there were 29 polls that came out. you are the pollster. this momentum, is it baked in? >> the advantage obama has is baked in inn a lot of the states. i would be shocked to see romney take ohio. and if he can't take ohio, it is really hard to see what his path is. >> jennifer: virginia? >> i think obama takes virginia as well an
Oct 27, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in the swing states like in ohio, in florida -- like ohio now, 50% for obama, 46%, romney. you can do that with all of them. and then there's a margin of error. if you have a three or four-point margin of error, you'll say, obama's in the lead but he's within the three-point margin of error, you really haven't told me anything. >> we've told you it's a close race. >> all right. let's talk about the poll of polls. when you factor -- there are different factors, there are different methodologies that go into poll of polls, right? but people -- the people who do the polling don't consider a margin of error but there are different margins of error that go into the poll of polls. what? >> i think the polls of polls or the various websites that track and aggregate the polls are useful. it's a place to look at a lot of polls at once. but those numbers are mixing good polls and bad polls, really large, substantial polls with really small minor polls. it's hard to get much other than a finger in the wind of how things might be blowing at the moment. i think it all -- it's all a part of the sen
Oct 27, 2012 10:00pm PDT
their travel plans. president barack obama campaigns in florida tomorrow. that's away from the storm. and mitt romney has canceled rallies in virginia. he'll be in ohio instead. i want you to take a look at this young lady. this is amanda rubio, the 12-year-old daughter of florida senator marco rubio. she'll spend the night in a miami hospital after a golf cart accident today. she has a head injury and is in fair condition. her dad, the senator, was campaigning with mitt romney when he got the news and headed immediately to miami. >>> we have a lot more planned for you this saturday night. here's what else we're working on. ridiculous rhetoric. >> explain to me why retard is inappropriate. >> from ann coulter to donald trump, the partisan election blather explodes. we take a stand. the poll, so many of them, who do they call? my cell phone or land line, should we believe them? we have of questions for the pollster who knows it all. >>> here comes sandy, the massive hurricane barreling up the east coast heading straight towards the biggest city, new york, philadelphia, boston and d.c. all that,
Search Results 50 to 99 of about 793 (some duplicates have been removed)